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At the age of 21, Leticia Maciel Walpole left her poverty-stricken homeland of Mexico to come to the United States. In just six months she overcame the obstacles of immigration, culture shock, finances, language, and education to enlist in the US Army National Guard. Today, Leticia is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from US Army after 33 years and eight months of military service. Her deployments include Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait, and she has 23 service medals.

At the age of 50, Leticia set the first-ever Guinness World Record in Afghanistan for jumping rope continuously for 60 minutes with 12,405 repetitions. Leticia has five college degrees, speaks three languages, authored a book, has been married for 27 years, and has been blessed with five wonderful children. Her inspirational story will take you on a journey through laughter, tears, and reflection as she tells you how she did it.

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Lt. Col. Walpole embodies all the principles that I support as an editor: equal opportunity, empowerment of people, and initiative. She exemplifies these principles that lead to both success in life and the workplace, and he conveys them in a powerful and memorable way. Listen and pay attention to this testimony of achievements in the face of obstacles. She deeply touched my heart and spirit.

George Cogswell

The story of Lieutenant Colonel Walpole was a moving story for me as the mother of two girls. She overcame extreme adversity as a Latin woman in the business and military world. Through hard work, team building and through fierce determination, he overcame almost insurmountable obstacles. Her experience is inspiring and empowering, providing practical lessons on supporting people, the value of education, and achieving excellence, even when the conditions were against her. I really enjoyed his life story and perspective.

Renee Lopez-Cantera

Salespeople, secretaries, employees or CEOs can all benefit from this story of determination and guts. I am truly excited and determined not to fear any obstacles again after listening to Lt. Col. Walpole's testimony and motivational words. I couldn't wait to tell my family her story.

Rick Dexheimer

Leticia, your story is incredible, inspiring, and life-transforming. You are the most inspiring person I've ever met in my entire life ... and I've met some pretty cool people! Thank you for making the world a better place...we all need to hear your message.

Gigi Belmonico

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